IOV Solutions
IOV Solutions LLC

Core Services


From rapid prototyping to fielding new systems, we bring the right experts with the most relevant experience. Whether getting a QRC back  on schedule with systems, test, network, or RF engineers or providing a new digital engineering capability, customer mission success is our only goal.

  • Digital Engineering / Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)
  • Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Configuration Managementand Logistics
  • Systems Integration 
  • Electronic Warfare

Analysis & Operations

The need to define the requirement, collect the data, understand the data, or manage behaviors, our understanding of analysis provide answers to the toughest questions. We have successfully helped the government with decision analysis, cost benefit analysis, big data, and cost estimating expertise when others have failed.​

  • Program and Product Management
  • Acquisition Support / Systems Engineering Technical Assistance (SETA)
  • Strategic Communications

Cyber Planning

Providing cyber support to combatant commands and their components requires a firm understanding of the command’s priority missions, their key partner nations, and the unique challenges and attributes of cyber forces and command and control. We provide cyber support and subject matter expertise, including strategy and doctrine review and analysis, support to OPLAN development, cyber-focused wargaming, and assisting our partner nation’s aspirations for developing their cyber forces through training and exercises.​

  • Planning , Policy, Communications
  • Strategy and Training
  • War Gaming – Offensive and Defensive exercises

IT Consulting

Engaging Federal agencies at a level that understands the mission and each programs role in achieving it. Knowing IT is foundational key to near, mid and long term repeatable success we deliver expertise in modernization of systems, cloud enablement, data services, and cyber so our clients can focus on business results in Healthcare and Benefits outcomes, National Security, and Civil Services.

  • Program and Product Management
  • System Engineering & Integration (Cloud, SaaS, PaaS, ATO)
  • Data Architecture / Management / Science
  • Cyber Security (RMF, ATO, Policy, Monitoring & Analysis)